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Privileged Communications in An Age of Spying Technologies

In our age of amazing internet and telecommunication technologies, privacy and confidentiality are becoming increasingly challenging for chaplains and other professionals requiring privileged communications. All calls, (landline-based and cellular) can be easily spoofed complete with a fake caller ID and phone number, and even recorded. Private text messages and emails can be readily hacked into from cell phones and tablets. And protection from such, or even detection of such, is increasingly challenging. I think that chaplains and pastoral counselors need to be aware of such and take caution when communicating by cell phones, tablets, and even regular daily email.

Please read “How I Spy On My Kids Online” found HERE.

Chaplaincy & Research

The current status of research in chaplaincy as reported by
Dr. Russell Davis at the 2013 COMISS Network Plenary:

A Couple Good Blurbs Regarding Research Reported in the Recent NACC Now!
Important reviews of research on chaplaincy in the U.S. available now*
The most recent issue of the Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy contains two very significant, complementary reviews of research on chaplaincy in the U.S. These articles are so important to the field that JHCC’s publisher, Taylor & Francis, has made them available for free at the Journal's website. JHCC invites all members of NACC to go to the website to download these articles for free: Click Here. You are also invited to go to the following website, where you can download a free copy of an important article by George Fitchett about the use of case studies in chaplaincy, which appeared in JHCC earlier this year: Click Here.
Things You Need to Know about Cyber Security and Communications
The (sometimes scary) state of your digital rights — from the Kim Komando Show
A Recommendation for Military and Federal Chaplains
For the Combined Federal Campaign, PLEASE consider the Military Chaplains Association of the USA.
Charity Number 11957
DoD Guidance on Weddings
DoD Chaplains Guidance Memo
[Download PDF]
DoD Use of Facilities Memo
[Download PDF]
The Wicker Amendment for DoD Chaplains
Despite the fact that the following policy and practice has been unwaveringly and actively in place for all military chaplains since 1775, a number of chaplains and their endorsers anxiously encouraged Senator Roger Wicker to sponsor his amendment and have it attached to the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012. That amendment passed in December 2011, and it may be viewed here: [PDF Download].
2011 CSC Policy on Political Statements and Endorsing Agency Policies
Download PDF
Newsletters of NCMAF & ECVAC for all Military and VA Chaplains
Winter 2012 Newsletter
[Download PDF]
Winter 2011 Newsletter
[Download PDF]
Spring 2011 Newsletter
[Download PDF]
Spring 2010 Newsletter
[Download PDF]
Winter 2009 Newsletter
[Download PDF]
Fall 2009 Newsletter
[Download PDF]
Spring 2009 Newsletter
[Download PDF]
Winter 2008 Newsletter
[Download PDF]
Fall 2008 Newsletter
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Summer 2008 Newsletter
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Winter 2007 Newsletter
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Fall 2007 Newsletter
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Spring 2007 Newsletter
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The National Conference on Ministry to the Armed Forces and The Endorsers Confererence for Veterans Affairs Chaplaincy are the primary endorsers' organizations representing those constituencies and The CSC is a proud member of both.
New Navy Guidance on Professional Navy Chaplaincy
Download PDF
SECNAV Instruction 5351.1
Professional Naval Chaplaincy
New Air Force Guidance on
Maintaining Government Neutrality Regarding Religion
Download PDF
It is just a matter of time before the Army and Navy publish similar guidance.
'Don't Ask Don't Tell' Repeal Resources Page
Please click on the link above for resources pertaining to the repeal of
'Don't Ask Don't Tell' and its effects on the role of a military chaplain.
Diversity Leadership for the 21st-Century Military
Download PDF
Or visit
Military Leadership Diversity Commission Report
From Representation to Inclusion: Diversity Leadership for the 21st-Century Military
Faith in the U.S. Military-Strategy Conference Panel
Every military chaplain and prospective military chaplain ought to her this panel discussion that was held at the Army War College on the topic of Faith in the US Military
Government-Sponsored Chaplaincy:
The Free Exercise of Religion vs. The Establishment Clause
Miscellaneous Media:

Religious Truth, Pluralism, and Secularization:
The Shaking Foundations of American Religious Liberty
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The Reasonable Believer: Faith, Formalism, and Endorsement of Religion
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Separating Church, State and Chaplaincy
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A great article about the Free Exercise of Religion in the military
by Chaplain Endorser and Rabbi Harold Robinson:
Free Exercise Meets the Establishment Clause in Military Service:
Responding to Religious Freedom in the US Military